Adlex Solicitors

Adlex Solicitors

Adlex Solicitors is a prominent UK-based law firm specializing in various aspects of intellectual property law, with a particular emphasis on domain name issues, copyright, and trademark matters. Renowned for their expertise, Adlex Solicitors serves as a trusted legal partner for clients seeking guidance on navigating the complexities of online identities, brand protection, and related legal challenges. With a commitment to upholding intellectual property rights, the firm is a go-to resource for individuals and businesses in need of specialized legal support in the dynamic digital landscape.

John Berryhill is a leading American lawyer specializing in domain name law, including copyright, trademark, and related issues. Renowned for his expertise, Berryhill is a trusted advocate in navigating the complexities of intellectual property in the digital realm. With a focus on domain disputes and brand protection, he is a go-to authority for individuals and businesses seeking legal guidance in this specialized field.

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